Kolenick Jr.


46395 B Shining Willow Lane
Lexington Park, MD 20653
United States

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What's this old buck doing here? Is he a symbol of male maturity, or simply meat on the hoof? Judge for yourself!

I chose this image for my home page because it represents, at least for me, a symbol of maturity and wisdom. After all, can you think of a better representative symbol for maturity? Take a good good look at this buck and see the maturity, integrity, and pride inherent in this image. The image gives one thoughts of experience, knowledge...of one who has the ability to teach the youth of our culture.

As a mature man, I am well aware of today's attitudes toward those who are mature. Simply because we are older, many segments of society choose to regard us as something to ignore, or even worse, something to cast off, to throw away.

Although I am retired, I hardly consider myself a "throwaway man"; I have worth, I have abilities, I have something to offer to my fellow human beings, something that can benefit society. This is why I am seeking out non-profit agencies to offer my services. I am a retired public affairs professional who can be a positive addition to your staff.

I also maintain this website in hopes of one day getting in contact with my two daughters, Geneva and Melissa. This website is easily found, so I hope that they will contact me.

If you are interested in me, please contact my links for more information concerning my abilities and prior experience...

...have a nice day.

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